High pressure hoses

TESS offers a wide range of high pressure hoses, including hydraulic hoses, thermoplastic hoses, teflon hoses / PTFE hoses, washing hoses, duct-washing hoses and special hoses.

As one of the leading hose and pipe suppliers in Europe, TESS has a product range adapted for all purposes! You will find a selection of our high pressure hoses to the right.



Our hydraulic hoses are available with 1-layer up to 6-layer steel wrap and in sizes from 1/4" to 3" ID.

Among our selection you will find, for example, the Rockmaster-class, available in several sizes and for different pressure. The hose has antistatic properties and is often used for construction machines and other installations which involve mechanical wear and tear.

Another hydraulic hose in our product range is Superflex, which is our most flexible hose despite its 4/6-layer steel lining.

If you are looking for a special weather resistant and durable hydraulic hose for a tougher environment, TESS can offer the Equator hose, which is the best at the market, when it comes to resisting Ozone and salt. In addition, it can handle both very high and very low temperatures.

For smaller dimensions and lower pressure, we have the Pilot hydraulic hose with 1-layer steel wrap.

Lastly we can offer the Eternity hose, which is able to handle a very high pressure for a 2-layer hydraulic hose, which is why it is especially used in high pressure hydraulic systems.



In addition to a wide range of hydraulic hoses, our range of high pressure hoses also consists of Washing and Spool hoses, available in sizes from 1/4" to 1 1/4".

We can offer Thermoplastic hoses that holds a very high pressure (usually between 700 and 3.200 bar).

PTFE hoses or Teflon hoses, commonly used for washing machines or for use to aggressive chemicals.

Our product range also consists of a range of Special hoses such as the Vibrator Hose or the Warmguard Fireproof Hoses for use at extremely high temperatures.



We store various types of high pressure hoses in different sizes in both Esbjerg and Frederikshavn, and we are always ready to assist and advise you on the right choice for the task.

At TESS, you not only get top quality products, you also get top service and know-how, which has been built through many years of dedicated work in the market of hoses, pipes and fittings for the industry, offshore and maritime sector.

Contact one of our employees today for competent advice and guidance.


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