16 juni 2017

Åbning af TESS Frederikshavn 2015

TESS is betting on an exciting market in the Vendsyssel region, in the far north of Jutland. The 19 new TESS Frederikshavn service centre was officially opened on 19 June. The highlight of the opening ceremony was a hose coupling carried out by Mayor Birgit Hansen and TESS, CEO Erik Jølberg.
Frederikshavn is strategically located in the maritime environment in the Vendsyssel region, within easy reach of the ports of Hirtshals and Skagen. The impending port expansion in Frederikshavn has also been a crucial reason fort its selection as the location for TESS Service Centre number two in Denmark. TESS Esbjerg was established in 2007 as a result of a takeover of the Global Offshore Supplies. 
Expectations of market growth
The expected increase in offshore activity in the region had a clear impact on the choice of location. From 2017 Frederikshavn will be able to receive drilling rigs for classification and other services. Symbolically enough, the winner of the contract for the big port expansion in Frederikshavn was announced concurrently with TESS Frederikshavn’s opening. 
The operation is in progress 
The service centre in Frederikshavn is managed by Carsten Jørgensen, whose closest colleague is Allan Vinter. Both come from positions in companies that have collaborated with TESS Esbjerg, and both have a good knowledge of hoses and hose applications. The first orders have already been secured. Some customers have until now had their needs met by TESS Esbjerg in Southern Jutland and will now be serviced by TESS Frederikshavn. 
Open reception 
The day’s speeches were given by Erik Jølberg and the manager of the TESS Esbjerg, Hilmar Buchholdt. The latter has been very actively involved in working on the Frederikshavn establishment. The day was celebrated with an open reception for customers, suppliers, partners and employee families. In the honoured Danish tradition, hot sausages and cold beer were served.

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